International Business Week


Drive your business with relevant KPI's



Develop your technical skills whilst working in an international environment

What to expect during this week?

  • Lecture by Deloitte Belgium

Why is it important to drive your business with KPI's?

How can you define relevant KPI's in accordance with your strategy?

  • Visit of LA MU (brewery, bread, coffee)

Circular and local economy

Determination of the relevant KPI's for this company?

  • Business Game (Kalypso Software)

5 decision-making rounds for a company which produces 3 types of boats on a B to B market

Which group will achieve the best KPI's?

  • Certification 2 ECTS

Develop technical skills

  • understand the importance of measuring performance by relevant kpi's
  • take financial decisions according to the forecasted treasury
  • take commercial decisions acoording to your market and your strategy
  • take managerial decisions to optimize your organization

Work in an international environment


  • work in international teams with students from different institutions over the world
  • develop a better intercultural understanding
  • practice your English


Develop soft skills

  • problem-solving
  • flexibility
  • adaptability
  • cooperation
  • decision making capacity
  • networking
  • communication

Have fun


  • teambuilding activities
  • European drink
  • closing dinner
  • and many other activities 



Accommodation in

youth hostel on campus

Business Game

Lecture & working session

Full board

Visit of brewery


networking activities






  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Login Business Game

  • Lecture & working sessions

  • All social activities included in the programme (visit of brewery, icebreaking activities, closing dinner)

  • Accommodation in youth hostel (on campus, 10' walk from college)

  • certification 2ECTS

200 €