During this International Business Week, you'll get a better understanding in the importance of KPI's for companies.  Not only financial decisions are determined by KPI's but also commercial and managerial decisions.

Deloitte will underline this during their lecture and you'll be able to apply this to the visited brewery LaM.U.  Finally, you'll will run your own company in an competitive environment..  Indeed, you'll have to manage a company which produces 3 types of boats on a B to B market.

The different gained skills will be highlighted and mind-mapped on Friday after the prize-giving ceremony.

Participation will be rewarded with 2 ECTS.

Monday 22 April 2019



All participating students will be welcomed and picked up from train station from 6 PM. 

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Tuesday 23 April 2019


Icebreaking and introductoring activities

After welcoming the students at our university, icebreaking activities will be organised so that all students get to know each other.

Deloitte will hold its introductory lecture.  Groups will be composed and members will have to learn to work with each other. The day will be closed by a European aperitif.

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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Understanding KPI's

In the morning students will visit the brewery La M.U.  After the visit, students will have to identify, with their working groups, which KPI's are best used by this company.

In the afternoon, the Business Game will be introduced and students will have to understand the competitive market they are going to compete on.

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Friday 26 April 2019


Prize-giving ceremony

After a final debriefing, the prize-giving ceremony will be organized.

The different gained skills will be mind-mapped.

Thursday 25 April 2019


Work sessions

Students will during different quarters compete against each other.  After each quarter a coaching session will be organized in order to achieve a higher performance in the following quarter.